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Patient Engage Live+ PE mobile= Dentrx Hub + Go to Connect

PLEASE UPDATE AND COMBINE ALL FEATURES TO ONE!! We recently switched over from Weave to P.E and pretty disappointment with this new feature. I think if Dentrix can up their game and update to one it would be perfect. With weave we were able to do it all through the desktop app and mobile app, the only time I logged in to online portal was to send a marketing ad or check on other reports.

features we used in one was:

USE Same office phone number for texting and call recording

Does not limit in length of texting

Group Chat

recognize business days so sends correct appointment reminders

can create text templates through the texting area

Can create our own recare/ reminder templates and our own wording

view Call log and call directly

call forwarding

Separate tabs for ALL text and Unread text

Separate tabs for ALL Calls/ Voicemails and Missed Calls

listen to call recordings on the app

call directly from app on all calls

can text all numbers even inactive patients

check reports on the app

change office hours/ change voicemails

able to view the actual appointment view on the mobile app

can view patients photo that is connected on dentrix

create follow up text for future dates.

I'm sure I'm missing some but I would love for Dentrix just to create one app for it all and not have to log on to the dentrix hub or go to connect and make the mobile app look more like the desktop app and be able to view appointment book.

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  • Sep 2 2022
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    10 Nov 08:45pm

    lol. I thought I may have made this comment. It would also be a large one. We've been in phone hell for 2 months and now it's just a nightmare. No way are we able to use an app that takes up 1/4 of the screen and how many logins? Our phones still aren't working properly. Complete misrepresentation when we thought we were simplifying our office. Disaster.

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    8 Sep 08:45pm


    we recently switched from Weave to PT. Engage and are having a hard time with the following issues:

    1. Display the schedule like appointment book manner like Weave versus just listing everyone line by line which is very difficult to follow and does not show the schedule format. We have three providers and this way its so hard for each provider to know their schedule on the mobile app.

    2. Include conversation recording on our main line - currently the option is given to add another line where recording can occur which is unrealistic. With Weave, everything was done from our main phone line such as recording conversations, patient communication via text, etc. Weave never required a separate phone line for any of these.

    3. Text messaging is still very confusing, our patients are receiving and sending texts to a number we've never used before, essentially a new number where for the past 10 years, they have always used our office main number for phone calls and texts.

    We hope these changes can be made soon to avoid customers switching from pt Engage.

    Thank you

    Dr. Maggie Sharfae