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Sync patient phone number and email in Dentrix Hub after making patient active

We are a pediatric dental office so when we schedule a new patient, we need put more info in the computer than just the patient name and address, etc. that would be scheduled from the "New Patient Appt" button. We have to create a New Family in the Family File and keep the child listed as a Non-Patient until the day of the appt so we can upload insurance info, Parent information, etc in the document center prior to the appt. However, when they come to their appt and we change them from Non-Patient to Active Patient, the email and cell phone number isn't syncing in the Dentrix Hub and they don't get future appt reminders unless I go into the Dentrix Hub and manually enter the email and cell phone number. It is very frustrating that we pay such a large fee for this service and syncing family info doesn't automatically occur without jumping thru a bunch of hoops. If we make them a patient, it counts them as a new patient on the day we enter them in the computer. We want to track them as they come in our office to their appt. If we enter them only as as "New Patient Appt" we have no where to store any info about them prior to them arriving for their first visit.

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  • Mar 2 2023
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