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After releasing QuickBill statements, only have to click "Close" once instead of 1 time for each statement released in a batch.

Right now with the last update that we have downloaded (G5.6 maybe?), there is a new way that Dentrix releases the statements. After I batch my statements & click on QuickBill for Dentrix to print & mail, there is a box that pops up saying "Your statements have been successfully sent." Then, to make this pop-up disappear from the screen so I can move on to something else, I HAVE TO click "Close" or "X" out of it 1 time for every statement that I've just released. If I just sent 35 statements, I have to click "Close" or the "X" 35 times, no way around it. Everyone could benefit from this because it's a ridiculous enhancement that takes too much time.

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  • Jun 9 2022
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