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Umbrella Button for Eligibility in eCentral

Recently the umbrella button was removed from the appointment manager on the eCentral website. A very helpful rep told me that in the recent update, eligibility is now ran automatically 14, 3, 2, and 1 day prior to the appointments.

This is inconvenient because we work with eAssist (a Henry Shein company) for insurance verifications and they require us to report to them who needs verified 4 days in advance then charge us for "Failed" verifications. So since they are not ran until 3 days prior now, I can not see if a patient is inactive. I then have to request eligibility from eAssist just to get charged for them to tell me the patient is inactive. Then I have to get their new insurance information and either do it myself or be charged even more from eAssist to do an "ASAP" verification. Seems like a scheme to me..

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  • Oct 6 2021
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