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STOP Removing Tx Planned Visits/Procedures From Patients' Tx Plan Case Folders As The Visits Are Completed

Do NOT remove treatment-planned visits/procedures from patients' case folders in the Treatment Plan Case Setup pane within the Patient Chart as the visits are completed.

Anyone who's worked in a dental practice knows that quick access to patient history in an easy-to-sort and review format is priceless in what feels like 100s of scenarios. After we've gone to the trouble to set up and name treatment plan case folders with procedures divided into visits, and who knows what else - like created linked cases, etc. in the treatment planner, it doesn't make sense to remove the ability to view that information just because the procedures have been completed.

It would add efficiency to have access to procedures/visits that were completed in the past by hitting "expand all" and glancing through past case folders in the Treatment Plan Case Setup pane within the Patient Chart. Right now - as the procedures are completed - they disappear. Instead of disappearing, they should, for instance, be grayed out (or any other form of modification that is quickly noticeable at a glance).

Because we can only see the case folder, not anything that was completed within the case folder, we often have to waste time going to the document center to try and find the corresponding original copy of the case folder that we want to view to provide history when we have a patient in the chair or asking questions on the phone. It's frustrating to have perfectly formatted history in such a convenient place removed! Why Dentrix?

  • Emily Gable Robinson
  • Oct 7 2023
  • Needs review
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