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create a list of unscheduled treatment plans with excepted rejected and thinking about it list


I need a list of rejected, accepted and thinking about it patient treatment plan list. This would benefit my practice and many other practices when calling the patients and getting a faster list on each patient status. There is no way of getting that list right now in the unscheduled treatment plans. Furthermore the unscheduled treatment plans do not exclude already scheduled patients and patients that are still in the process of completing their treatment plans. As a result I get a large lists of patents with no status and I don't need patients that are already scheduled in that list. So as of right now the unscheduled treatment plan list is useless. Please see if you can incorporate these options in the unscheduled treatment plan list. Right now I have to create excel spread sheets to keep track of potential acceptance of treatment plans and it would help if it was included in dentrix as a list.

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Angie Boruchov

General Manager

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  • Jan 19 2021
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