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Change G7 back to the way G6 was that we can change dates on work stations and have it stick!

With all of the electronic EOBs that are happening these days, it is possible for EOB payments to be made on dates when the practice isn't open.  Yes these payments can be entered into the ledger with previous dates, but the difficulty arises when crossing over to a new month.  I balance Dentrix by month to Quickbooks and the bank statements.  If for example, a payment is made on August 28th and not input until Sept 3, we have to run both procedure reports for August 28 and for Sept 3.  If however, we can change the workstation date to Aug 28, it is possible to just run entry date reports,  We had this capability until G7 and I want it back!  I know it was changed for security type reasons, but it has created so much more cumbersome reporting.  For security reasons, just allow the admin users to be able to do this.  I had a work around for a while and changed the system date on the server.  That was dangerous if anyone else was in the office because if clinical notes, x-rays, etc on any workstation were done, the result was the system date was incorrect.  With the installation of the Windows Server 2016, that work around is no longer possible.   This is creating so much work.  We cannot run just procedure date reports and we cannot run just entry date reports.  Today, I looked at a deposit slip dated 8.5.19.  It was run by entry date so a visa payment made on 7.31.19 was listed as paid on 8.5.19.  In addition to that, someone forgot to enter a visa payment on 8.5.19 which meant I had to enter it today 9.11.19.  It shows up with the entry date report for the deposit today.  We need to run entry date reports today to show what was run on any other dates, but then I have to go back and run the procedure date reports. We have to run both sets.  This also happens if a procedure is inadvertently left off on a specific date and has to be entered.  It can also happen if the dentist goes to treat patient in the OR on a date we don't normally see patients.  We balance to route slips in this office and again must run entry reports and procedure date reports.  Balancing Dentrix to Quickbooks and banks statements is so much harder.  We have been on Dentrix since 1995 and this is the worst change I have ever encountered!  We are a beta test site and I am on the advisory committee as well.  


Please change it back.  Thanks.  Debbie Preece, MBA

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  • Sep 12 2019
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    22 Nov, 2019 08:52pm

    Couldn't agree more with @Debbie Preece.  This is a major issue, and could potentially have legal ramifications along with accounting best practices.  We would love to see this functionality as soon as possible, we are now under a mountain of work as a result of this change.