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Practice Advisor Practice Totals Update Request

It would be helpful if on page 1 of the Practice Advisor Report in the Practice Totals section that it includes the "# of days that the practice is open" and the "Average daily production for open days" and "Average hourly production for open days".

If a practice only has one dr and they are always there when the practice is open, the current report gives accurate numbers for the average hourly, average daily, and # of production days.

If a practice has more then one dentist, Dentrix adds the days worked for both provider together and then calculates the number.

For instance, in July our office was open 15 days but because one dentist was here 11 days and the other here 13 days the total production for the month was divided by 24 instead of 15. That reduced the daily production number by about $4000. If the daily average was calculated using the days the practice was open it would be easier for goal planning for the next year. We could say that we plan to be open 200 days next year and our daily average is $10k so our goal for the year would be $2M.

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  • Aug 31 2023
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