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Begin and end date for appointment book days/hours setup

Currently if you change the days/hours for the office or a provider it changes it on a global scale which affects the Practice Advisor numbers. If the office adds a day to the schedule (for example, starts working Fridays) in the middle of year, it will change the total number of days in the past as well. The office would have to go back in history on their schedule and close the office on those Friday in order for the Practice Advisor to be accurate.

  • Dayna Johnson
  • Mar 28 2023
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  • Alicia Vogt commented
    21 Jun 03:49pm

    this would be very helpful to have a start and end date for our summer hours. right now i have to go day by day and update all ops.

  • Amy Copeland commented
    29 Mar, 2023 03:45am

    The Practice Advisor is touted by Dentrix as such a valuable tool however these numbers in this report are only useful if entered accurately. I wish the system was easier, more intuitive and allowed you to alter and enter schedules in a date range. It is crazy to think the every employee will continue to work the exact same schedule and not have to change mid year…or maybe multiple times a year. I would love to see some enhancements to this area in Dentrix.