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Allowed Amounts in Payment Table Issue

I love that the payment table got an "allowed amount" column BUT it doesn't update treatment plans the way it should. For out of network plans, the point of knowing the allowed amount is the calculate the estimated amount that the patient would pay INCLUDING the difference between our office fee and the allowed amount. But currently, if I enter the allowed amount, my estimates reflect that the patient portion and insurance portion only add up to the allowed amount. And the difference between the allowed amount and our office fee just disappears, as if we'd write it off. But for out of network plans, that difference should get tacked on to the patient portion, not written off. I get not everyone is out of network, but that's why there are fee schedules to set up. So I feel like the payment table shouldn't assume everyone would accept the allowable fee.

  • Maddy Moses
  • Jun 28 2023
  • Needs review
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