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able to turn off allowed amounts if not in-network

since allowed amounts were added to dentrix, we have been entering in plans- making it easier to figure coverage for new plans (we reference a similar plan and view the allowed amounts so that we can estimate more accurate coverage). We are not in-network so we don't want the write-offs to be done automatically. Unfortunately, I now have to manually clear each plan after copying to a dummy insurance plan (for our reference). Most of my staff do not have edit rights for insurance plans, so this is now a HUGE undertaking to fix this problem since all of our treatment plans are figuring incorrectly since we can't just turn the feature off with a check box. Please add a check box as a global setting to be able to turn off automatic calculations using the allowed amounts.

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  • Oct 4 2022
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  • Oct 13, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for the feedback! We are looking into this request and aim to have a solution soon.

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  • Amber Dyck commented
    24 Oct 08:57pm

    Absolutely agree. It's also doubled the time it takes to update fee tables because it is no longer a check box but an amount that has to be entered. It's ridiculous to take away a check-box option to update the payment table to the amount you've JUST entered and now have to enter again.

  • Heather Sheeran commented
    12 Oct 06:37pm

    Agree!!!! This has wrecked our treatment estimates.
    We need to know the amounts allowed by the insurance company! For so many reasons.
    I am so frustrated right now. As assistant OM this is going to fall on my shoulders . This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct 04:47pm

    We are out of network as well. This is a HUGE problem. It messes up all of our estimates unless we manually remove Allowed Amounts. We post many insurance payments through Dentrix's ERA, and some of those payments add the allowed amounts to Dentrix automatically. Adding the suggested feature of "a check box as a global setting to be able to turn off automatic calculations using the allowed amounts" would save a lot of time and assure that we have accurate estimates.