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DO NOT estimate an "IN-NETWORK Adjustment" if office is "Out of Network"

After the latest update Sept/Oct 2023, the ledger and Treatment planner now show and/or reflect and "in network adjustment" based on the Allowable fees entered into the Payment table. However, we are NOT in-network with any insurance. So, my treatment planner is now completely useless and I have to calculate everything manually based on the allowed amounts and my own math. And then write on my printed Tx plan showing only our fees. I appreciate having the allowed amount in the table, so I can easily calculate what the insurance will pay and apply deductible if needed. But now, this number is used to reflect a write-off between it and our fee. When, that difference is actually the patient portion.

Why have the "Out of Network" coverage table and payment table if it is not used for calculations in the ledger or treatment planner? Why have a place to designate if an insurance is out-of-network if it is for "information only- not included for insurance estimate calculations" ?

This makes all Insurance financial aspects of Dentrix completely useless; from coverage %, estimations, and even entering claim details. It's ALL just wrong! Please FIX! This is serious!

  • Lindsey
  • Oct 27 2023
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  • Guest commented
    19 Feb 08:27pm

    I agree! This has made a complete mess of our calculations. We also did what the Dentrix rep told us to do and started moving everything to the out-of-network section and deleting the in-network stuff. Now everything is wrong and still not showing what to collect properly! The excuse that the rep gave us as see at the bottom of the screen it states that the totals are not for calculation purposes is a very sad excuse of the update now showing everything wrong. Not sure why Dentrix felt the need to change this, but please change it back.

    We had absolutely no problems collecting what was due from the patient until this update and now it is ALL wrong. This MUST be fixed asap. We are drowning and will not ever be an in-network dentist.

    Please take care of your out-of-network dentists too.

  • Dana Hutton commented
    27 Jan 03:46pm

    This is a huge inconvenience and we spent an immeasurable amount of time making sure our blue books are precise. Before your update I had moved everything entered in the in-network to the out of network tables (as I was told to do by Dentrix and now everything is a mess and I will have to manually add everything back to in-network for proper calculations, even though we are not in network with any insurance companies. Dentrix seriously dropped the ball on this. I am furious because of the man hours I will now need to fix this.