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Exceptions & Limitations

The exceptions box would be a great resource if we could actually use it. As of now it is just a place holder for information. Why have this table if we can not use it to pull the information from to better help our patients and practice. SoftDent, Denticon, Open Dental, Eagle Soft, and DSN all have this as a working function for years. This is something that needs to be updated so we can utilize it !!

  • Sara Blasse
  • May 17 2023
  • Future consideration
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  • Tiffanie Flynn commented
    14 Mar 08:16pm

    Please please please make this a top priority for 2024. I am desperate to have this feature back (absolutely loved it in Open Dental) and it would make everything a million times earier with catching when things will not be covered due to frequency!

  • Jessa Villanueva commented
    20 Sep, 2023 06:42pm

    This is something that needs to be fix 100% - Why are we entering exceptions and already have a place for plan notes - Why are we wasting time for a useless feature if they do not affect the treatment estimates. I don't not understand how we are not able to downgrade fills and keep track of limited exam frequencies that are not going to be covered - Open dental - Eagle Soft etc. have had this ability for years now but Dentrix does not . I do not understand

  • Jessa Villanueva commented
    17 Aug, 2023 08:53pm

    Dentrix step up your game -