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Can the exceptions update treatment plan estimates?

Currently, the exceptions box has a lot of space for details on exceptions. My concern is that there is a lot of time and effort being put into updating this exceptions box when it has no effect on the treatment plans and we are having to manually update or vocalize non-covered services due to age limitations. Seems somewhat wasteful. There is a disclaimer on the Exceptions Table screen that states that this box is for information only. Adding or updating this table can take a lot of time...valuable time, why not make it dual purpose?

My request is that if we are taking the time to input these exceptions that it would update when the codes are planned for patients based on these exceptions so the treatment plan estimates are a bit more accurate. No matter where you have it indicated that they are estimates, this always causes a stir.

My examples are attached. 26 yr old patient needing sealants. The exception is in the insurance box per insurance guide. Yet the treatment plan still shows 100% coverage.

  • Heidi Ball-Kilbourne
  • Sep 21 2021
  • Needs review
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