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Please Make Sure the "TwKey.dll" File Is Current When Doing Dentrix Updates

It's SUPER frustrating that every single time Dentrix offers a "required" software update, after the updates are all run, I then have to go through every single workstation and copy a "working" copy of the TwKey.dll file into the Dentrix folder in order for the DentrixLink to function. If I do not do this, when I attempt to launch the DentrixLink, which links Dentrix to my Carestream imaging software, the Link attempts to launch but just crashes. The 1st few times this happened, Tech Support took all kinds of time - my time on hold... to figure out what the issue was. Finally, rather than Dentrix recognizing this chronic problem and fixing it, Tech Support had me keep a working copy of the file on the desktop of each workstation so that whenever the problem happened, I could implement this "work-around" myself. Please fix this...

  • Leon Gerard
  • Mar 8 2023
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  • Leon Gerard commented
    17 Aug, 2023 01:24pm

    ...and the problem CONTINUES to happen with every single Dentrix update: I have to run through every single computer in the office and copy the correct TwKey.dll file into every Dentrix folder in order to open our x-ray software. I have tried to bring this up to Tech Support in the most emphatic way but Dentrix just seems to be "shrugging its shoulders: 'oh well...too bad...too sad...'". Am I the only Dentrix user that is using the Trophy Link (DentrixLink) to access their x-ray software? Because it would seem that this would be happening to every user using the DentrixLink program...

  • Leon Gerard commented
    23 Jul, 2023 04:36pm

    This is still happening! Every Dentrix update has to be followed up by me having to replace the copy of the twkey.dll in the Dentrix folder of each and every computer with a functional copy. I don't know when the Dentrix updates come out and if I don't happen, by luck, to log in remotely over the weekend and catch a new update and run through this on my off time, then I have to have everyone in my office stop everything their doing and wait for me to do this. It's simply inconsiderate of Dentrix not to address this! We're paying real money to use the software and have a Support plan: this is an ongoing issue that you, Dentrix, are aware of and are choosing not to fix it. Please fix this!