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Delete Insurance Payment Glitch

Issue with deleting insurance payments. Each time we try to delete the entire insurance payment, the ledger will freeze. We have to end the task then re-open the ledger. Upon re-opening the insurance claim box, the actual payment will be deleted, but the corresponding write-offs do not delete. If we click 'Enter Payment' again, it does not reflect that the payment was deleted so we have to delete the entire batched claim and restart the entire process. It used to all be a simple, one-step process, but change happened 2 updates ago and has not been reconciled.

  • Chelsea Drilling
  • Feb 27 2023
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  • Kirk DentrixUserfor13years commented
    16 Mar, 2023 09:30pm

    This. Dental Insurance Claim module will freeze forever (until I Task Manager - End Task) when I delete an insurance payment, and I think it only happens when that insurance payment has an "adjustment" recently made on the claim.

    Dentrix seems to be having major issues with Adjustments ever since the latest update.