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Inadvertent press of enter key will cause Ledger program to crash

Normally, when submitting a claim to insurance from the ledger, you click the Submit-Send electronically-Send Selected Claims buttons with the mouse. For those of us who use the keyboard, we press Alt-S, Alt-S, <enter>. The next 2 steps are also completed with <enter> and <enter> and the claim is finally sent. Most programs will allow you to press all those 5 steps in rapid succession and the program will complete successfully. The problem here is that if you press the first two <enters> too quickly, the e-transaction will abort and the Ledger module will crash. Fortunately it is a 'clean' crash and doesn't hang the other modules, but you do have to restart the Ledger module to continue. My training says a program should never crash, no matter what the (foolish) user does. It can show warnings, errors, etc., but should never crash.

  • Maxey Buchwald
  • Aug 29 2023
  • Needs review
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