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Directly upload attachments to NEA database

Dentrix needs to support uploading attachments directly to NEA database. Per Humana rep I spoke to today, they are not accepting electronic attachments through clearinghouse any longer. Attachments need to be uploaded directly to NEA database or printed and mailed. I spoke to Dentrix support and the only suggestions Dentrix has is to upload using a third party like fast attach because there is no other way to do this in Dentrix. Why are we paying for electronic attachments then? I would think Dentrix would have figured out a way to do this by now as I can't possibly be the first person to bring this up.

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  • Nov 24 2020
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    Ashley Watkins commented
    26 Nov, 2020 05:14am

    Jon, thank you for the information!

    Our services are connected directly to NEA who sends these attachments. This meets the requirements the Humana rep was relaying, as they are sent directly from NEA. If they are unable to find the attachment, please note that the NEA number for the attachment/claim in question can be found in the attachment section of the transmission reports saved to the Office Manager after claims are submitted. Have you tried providing this number to the reps when you call?

    As for the issue of resubmission, you can take the claim reference number provided by the insurance (also found in the transmission reports) and add this to the attachment information in the claim. Resend the claim to the batch, and from here you can select/ resend the attachment only (denoted with 'A'). This way the Insurance company does not recieve two claims.

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    25 Nov, 2020 09:19pm

    Thank you for your reply Ashely. I am not having any technical problems adding attachments to claims or submitting them to insurance carriers under normal circumstances. I would simply like for Dentrix to have an alternate option to upload attachments directly to the NEA database similar to what fast-attach does.

    I have confirmed with Humana that they have stopped accepting electronic attachments from clearinghouses. All attachments are beginning to reject from Humana which is a large carrier. I don't know why they've decided to do this. But the rep I spoke to suggested uploading my attachments directly to the NEA database and then giving them an NEA # or printing and mailing the claim and attachments.

    I've talked to Dentrix support and they've confirmed there is no option to just upload attachments directly to the NEA database. The only option is to attach them to claims and submit them. This doesn't really make sense to me. If you can take an electronic document and upload it to the NEA database using something like fast-attach, I don't know why Dentrix doesn't have a similar option.

    There are also so many times when insurance carriers do not want the office to submit a new claim in order to get requested attachments. It can often hinder claim processing for them to get a new claim if all they want is a primary EOB, or a different x ray to look at. It would be so great to just take your image or e-document, upload it to the NEA database and the call the insurance carrier with the NEA number.

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    Ashley Watkins commented
    25 Nov, 2020 08:24pm

    Could you please provide some additional detail? We utilize NEA for our attachment process. Are you having a specific issue with attachments? If you would like to email me your contact and office information, I will have a technician reach out to help resolve attachment issues you may be having. My email is