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After system upgrade scheduling a new patient appointment was eliminated need to bring it back

After a system upgrade scheduling a new patient appointment was eliminated need to bring it back. Not all new patients do come in for the appointment. We should not have to create a family account, ledger, chart, doc center profile until the patients are actually do come in for the appointment

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  • May 7 2024
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  • Guest commented
    22 May 08:46pm

    Totally agree, why would you (Dentrix) take things away? You've made us have to do more steps and in turn are less efficient. I actually don't think any of the updates were actually helpful. Don't just do things just to do them, actually think about what changes you're making

  • jerrey lee commented
    9 May 05:26pm

    Agreed 10000% , make it simple and easier please , don't make it so complicated abd we paying so much money for something harder to operate and understand

  • Guest commented
    9 May 03:48pm

    Yes! This is a terrible update! Creating a chart for a patient that will never even make the scheduled appointment. Please get rid of this ASAP!

  • Tricia Hollis commented
    9 May 01:31pm

    I just spoke to customer service about this, this morning. The old way needs to be added back in. While I can see that under some circumstances this could be helpful, this feature is a nightmare for most. Today we had a husband and wife new patients this morning. This new feature is causing extra steps down the line. Now, we have to merge these 2 families because they were created separately. In addition, there are cases where we have a new patient with 2 appointments on the same day - with 2 different providers. This new feature is duplicating the patient - this is NOT good!!! Now we have to delete one.

    Please add back the ability to use the old way!!!!! Just as there are 2 ways (probably more) to enter a payment in the ledger (transaction, enter payment OR the enter payment button), scheduling a new patient should have this option as well.

  • Erica Bock commented
    7 May 06:46pm

    We should not have to create a family account when they have not been here yet. It should go back to the way it used to be or have an option to do either or for offices that did not ask for this upgrade.

  • Guest commented
    7 May 06:30pm

    This is a big problem whoever decided to remove the feature should revisit their decision.