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Don't trigger UAC prompt for advertisements!!

On Saturday one of our practice was rendered inoperable because every computer required IT to input administrative credentials. Since IT is not available on Saturday, we were unable to operate until we were finally able to track someone down to acknowledge the administrator prompt.

Upon doing this he witnessed an advertisement about automatic updates; STOP THIS! You should not be randomly bringing down practices with random events that we can't predict.

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  • Jul 24 2023
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    24 Jul, 2023 04:15am

    We've blocked all of these in the firewall on all PCs at our other locations:

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\UpdaterProcessLauncher.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\UpdateManagerCore.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\UpdateManager.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\UMNotification.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\Updater_Service\_DTXStartupApp.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\Updater_Service\DentrixClientService.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\Updater_Service\DentrixUpdaterServiceCore.exe

    %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Dentrix\Updater_Service\DentrixUpdaterService.exe

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Dentrix\Hsps.Dentrix.ImportantNotifications.exe

    And disabled the DtxUpdaterSrv service hoping this doesn't happen elsewhere.

    Please advise if there's an easier way to stop this.