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WHY do I have to manually input coverage table percentages, deductibles , and maximums? Treatment planner is super inaccurate. Not cool...

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  • Mar 9 2023
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  • Kirk DentrixUserfor13years commented
    16 Mar, 2023 07:59pm

    We've been using the software for over a decade so we have quite a few insurances in our dentrix software. The nice thing about creating new groups is that I'm able to load a similar group, change the group number, and it will keep the percentages, deductibles, maximums, etc. (Not the insurance notes though, unfortunately.)

    I guess I'm saying is, rarely do I click the "New..." option in the Select Primary Dental Insurance Plan module. But I do believe there should be created a customizable default profile (with %, ded, max, notes) for New plans.