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Add downgrade tables and frequency limitations to insurance information

Estimates would be better for the patients, and I'm tired of doing downgrade calculations manually.

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  • Nov 11 2019
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  • Mar 30, 2020

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    Thank you for the recommendation, we are always looking for ways to improve the product.

    There is a current feature that we recommend you to look at by browsing to our knowledgebase. please see the link and article below.

    Article: 65815

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    21 Jul, 2020 02:20pm

    Unfortunately, neither of these methods are no longer enough and are heavily time consuming. Insurance companies rarely pay the same for members in the same group and so we have to add patient's insurance coverages INDIVIDUALLY to account for high, low, medium, fee schedule, copay plans, and the list goes on and on. Also, I don't want to spend my time manually calculating downgrades and then going and manually entering them under the coverage percentage tables (Have you ever seen insurance downgrade tables? ) That was the whole point in suggesting that Dentrix be able to do this itself. This is a computer and there should be a way for it to figure out the downgrade on its own - or at least an average downgrade - without us having to go line by line or update it when we get an ins check, which doesn't help when a new patient needs an estimate but the downgrades haven't been updated since it's a new insurance and there wasn't time to go in and manually list them on the % table. There needs to be an auto-downgrade button for the specific premolars and molars attached to a specific insurance that will auto-calculate and apply to them with one touch. This has always been a problem with the software, and I'd like it addressed. I'm truly tired of spending 99% of my time on insurance-related stuff. I've got more important things to help patients. Thank you for your time!