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new Patient Engage needs to group family text confirmations into 1 text otherwise the text limit is exceeded and not all family members that day get correctly confirmed

This needs to be corrected ASAP!!!!!! I am absolutely flabbergasted that this happening. The old Communications Manager would send 1 text for family multi-appointments. The new Patient Engage sends 1 text per patient so multi-appointments max out the imposed texting limits, sending only as many confirmation texts as still available to use, regardless of how many actually need to be sent. But if the one or two confirmation texts sent are then confirmed, ALL appointments are confirmed even though person confirming via text didn't get a text confirming the skipped patient's appointment. For example, a dad and 2 boys were scheduled. The two boys' appointments were not sent confirmation texts because "message quota hit" "you reached the daily limit for messages you can send this person". The dad did receive his confirmation text. When he confirmed his one appointment, the computer confirmed all 3. So the dad only received one text for himself and confirmed thinking he only had an appointment for him and he showed up without the two boys. And we, seeing all 3 auto-confirmed, expected all 3 to show up. Confirming appointments is the one vital purpose of this system for us. If it cannot perform this absolute basic function, it is useless if not even detrimental for our office. We are having to check every day's confirmations and back track and apologize and look inept because the most basic function of a text confirming system is not doing it as needed! The "workaround" won't work for everyone either because we have some 4 and 5 family appointments too so the 3/day opt-in workaround will still not properly confirm these patients. Or what if you have two on one day and two on the next day, that will be four and again exceed the limit. So please, please, PLEASE configure it so family texts will go in one text, confirming all kids that day.

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  • Feb 16 2023
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  • Carey Snider commented
    21 Feb, 2023 05:32pm

    DITTO with the above comments. Definitely makes us as an office look bad!!!