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The newest update for the claim status notes make notes more difficult to read and appears "muddy". The preview section is not large enough when you've typed more than 2 sentences into the note. Multiples notes are added when you've sent and claim, paid, made an adjustment within the claim. Sorting through the claim status notes is not easily to read and requires additional time now to add notes + review previous notes.

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  • Jul 11 2022
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  • Guest commented
    22 Sep 04:11pm

    So frustrated with this change!! This is so much more time consuming!! Change it back!

  • Michelle Abbott commented
    13 Sep 06:48pm

    Hate the new claims status notes!!!! Please go back to how it was. Very difficult to follow my notes on claims.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep 11:00am
    hate it. put it back the way it was
  • Guest commented
    7 Sep 12:42am
    I hate the updated insurance notes feature. Does nothing to benefit us and it adds about 150 extra clicks per day to my workload.
  • Amy Redwantz commented
    6 Sep 03:46pm

    I would like to request at least that notes can be made in the automatically "locked" features. Or make then unlockable via a password or User permissions.

  • Guest commented
    6 Sep 03:33pm

    Stop making things harder! Give us our notes back. There is no reason for this part to be changed at all!

  • Terry Gooch commented
    1 Sep 09:34pm

    This update does not do us any good. Why change something that was not broken??? Please consider changing back to previous verson.

  • Mary Senkowski commented
    30 Aug 02:45pm

    Worst update ever! Please change it back.

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug 02:37pm

    PLEASE revert back to the old claim status notes.. This version is difficult to read and too much clicking.

  • Guest commented
    22 Aug 08:26pm

    Why does the Claim Note lock when you click the paid or partial claim button, it should give you the option to delete if you accidentally clicked Paid, and meant to put partial, instead it keeps everything and makes a long list for no reason, should be able to edit...

  • Olympic Dental commented
    17 Aug 08:30pm

    I don't like the new claims status notes and the fact that I can edit the locked notes. I have to send a corrected claim to an insurance however they already paid part of it and I can't repost my payment with the back date because the payment date is prior to the date sent. Please change this back!!!!

  • Guest commented
    10 Aug 03:02pm

    Yes! this is the worst part of the upgrade so far for our office. The other way was so much more convenient for EVERYONE in the office. You have to open the claim and then also click to open claim note status just to see the information entered.

  • Sheila Chalfant commented
    4 Aug 05:33pm

    Please change the claim note back to the way it was before. This is way more difficult to read and also adds more steps to creating a note. I do not like that the note gets locked so you cannot add a note to the auto eSent, Batched note to condense everything. If I had to delete a claim from the office manager and rebatch it I don't need it to show I have batched this a million times. It makes the note way more longer and horrible to read what is going on. It looks like the claim was sent over and over when it was only sent 1 time. The older notes also went into a legacy note and you have to scroll through a tiny screen to see what was done before.

  • Amanda Mathews commented
    2 Aug 02:34pm

    Take the Claim Status Notes BACK! The new claim status notes are awful!!! TOO MANY STEPS!!

  • Guest commented
    2 Aug 02:30pm

    Take the Claim Status Notes BACK! To many clicks that disrupts the workflow. This does not allow you to see the notes at a glance and makes the whole process more time consuming. Honestly updates should make all processes easier more streamlined and cleaner not more difficult.

  • Amy commented
    1 Aug 07:15pm

    The new claim status notes are awful:

    • It locks the notes into place even if it was just to batch the claim, so you can have several lines of just batch status (need to take away the lock feature - these are not legal notes that need to be audited like chart notes).

    • Notes are hard to read since you have to click on every single note to find the one you need to reference back to when calling insurance companies multiple times. You can't even see the entire note. You have to click the note and scroll through to read the it if it's more than a line or two long - before you could just skim all notes at once & find a reference #/NEA, etc that you previously entered.

    • Not possible to easily copy/paste notes if you need to add them to multiple claims or if you need to delete & rebatch a claim to send to a different insurance.

    The old notes were easy to read through since you could just add the date then type away. This new method is too much.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jul 05:20pm

    Please put the claims status notes back the way they were! So many extra steps. The whole reason to use it was to be able to see at a glance what the status was on the claim. It doesn't always put the info needed on the insurance aging report so you think you need to send it again and it is buried in the claim. PLEASE PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!!!!!!

  • Guest commented
    11 Jul 11:35pm

    I completely agree. This update also makes it so the most recent status notes no longer populate on the aging report. In addition, notes can be input under a different user than the one that is currently logged in. Security issue for sure. And lastly, the "status" drop down is NOT editable! Why? Just add it into definitions and let us input our own status'.