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World Pay Must Go

World Pay is horrible. They have made business with credit cards very difficult. If you need anything over 30 days from original transaction, you are forced to contact the support center. This is extremely time consuming and then getting them to actually carry through with a request is another issue. I have worked over 40 years in dental offices and used dozens of processing companies, World Pay is by far the worst. I had to contact them for a patient refund of $120 and they only refunded $12. I should not be loosing patients due to World Pay incompotence. Additionally, any time I make a transaction request with World Pay I always request email verification that the matter was handled along with reference numbers. Surprise, I don't get them. As must as I want to contiue using Dentrix Pay, I am considering cancelling this feature so I can have control over what processing company I choose to do business with. Also the surcharges are huge, I have never paid such high fees. I think someone from Dentrix must have gotten a nice finacial kick back from signing the World Pay contract. WORLD PAY HAS TO GO OR DENTRIX WILL LOOSE DENTRIX PAY CUSTOMERS!!!!

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  • Nov 30 2021
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