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World Pay AGAIN

AGAIN I am writing to you, Dentrix, who has 1,870 unread comments that have not even been looked at since May of 2021. I am not certain what is going on with Dentrix or their corrupt crooked World Pay. However again this morning, because of course we cant do our totals the same day we have to wait 48-72 hours for them to be correct now there is an even bigger problem. The totals are not adding up. As if world pay is taking money daily and also at the end of the month. I wonder if Dentrix would have to take responsibility as well for this issue since we have all been ignored by both Dentrix and World Pay. WE NEED ANSWERS but how are we supposed to get answers if the reps on the phone tell us "go to myvoice.dentrix because that is where the higher ups look" but meanwhile we can all see that you also do not check the issures YOUR USERS are having. This is absurd. There is not even a category to choose from. Disgusted with the customer service from both Dentrix and World pay.

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  • Sep 20 2021
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