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World Pay Is Horrible

World pay is a sub par credit card processing company! We can not get real live totals on the same day you supposedly can get them the 2nd day (which of course is ridiculous but we were dealing with it for the last week) but that is not true either. This week alone 3TIMES i have had to correct my checkbook because the totals are not correct! They dont come through correct until 48 hours or 72 hours later. This is unnaccaptable. I am aware that plenty of offices have voiced their concerns regarding World Pay and it seems that Dentrix just does not care. Depending on how this goes will depend if we stay with dentrix. Understand this is a medical practice. I need the correct totals by the end of the day! Not 72 hours later! This has to be fixed I have filed a claim with Dentix as well and I hope you can listen to the conversation. Case # 844060. I also do not need to mention the enormous fees and customer service that is disgusting! Can get a phone call back, on hold for over an hour at times, cases get cancelled and to get someone in America is an absolute joke. We are going to need ansers and solutions. We do not accept this!

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  • Sep 17 2021
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