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Options for Credit Card Merchant

It would be really nice to have options for a merchant company that is integrated with Dentrix. We are ALL being extremely overbilled by WorldPay which comes back on Dentrix and Henry Schein as well. Why would you partner with a company whose main goal is to rob every business they work with? They are not following any of the mandates set in place to begin in June of 2020 when COVID hit. Therefore we are all paying ridiculous rates when we should be paying wholesale rates and not have to go through a 3rd party such as WorldPay, they're the worst. We work hard for our for our money and I would like to keep it. Please add an option for a wholesale merchant. I know several of your customers have complained about this. Please work with us and fight for us. Thank you!

  • Janda O'Bryan
  • Jul 21 2022
  • Needs review
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