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Occlusal Guard symbol on chart indicating the patient has one

A symbol in the patient chart indicating that the patient has an occlusal guard & uses it. It would be something quick to glance at and know whether that the patient is using an appliance to help with any grinding/clenching

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  • Oct 12 2021
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  • Terri Giddens commented
    7 May 11:36pm

    Lets resurrect this topic. My hygienist is telling me another office she worked at had two horizontal lines spanning the width of 8 & 9 in between the arches that was red if tx planned, blue if completed and green if existing. I can't figure out how to add that draw type to the code.

  • Chad Belongea commented
    16 Apr 11:51pm

    A work around we use: Our chart is always in a Tx Plan View. we Add a tx plan and type our notes about the guard in it. We can always see if the pt has a guard, and we often notate if they where it. You will have limited text in this method, so abbreviations are necessary. Ultimately there is a lot of space in the tooth chart area that could be utilized in future updates to make this easier, like an editable Clinical alert area (not pop up flags, as those get often ignored or clicked through).

  • rachel potts commented
    18 Oct, 2021 05:30pm


    and also, if it is in the tx plan. the symbols that show up in the hard tissue charting would not work