Dentrix Ideas

Be able to add custom appliances on chart as a draw type or box that sits on the chart in the corner/side to alert us who may have extra appliances beyond a partial or denture, such as : 1. "OAT" for sleep apnea oral appliance 2. "Braces" for ortho 3. "NG" for night guard 4. "Schwarts MX/MN" for upper or lower expansion appliances 5. "SureSmiles" or "invisalign" for clear tray ortho. ETC and these could be automatically added when we do a walk out of one of these appliances as a draw type or extra box on the side just like how fillings and false teeth or crowns show up as our custom draw types. So at a quick glance we know all the extra appliances the patient may have as opposed to having to scroll thorugh all the past progress notes each time

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  • May 15 2021
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