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Track patient visit with appt status for wait time, etc.

Have a "stop watch" to show exactly how long an appointment has taken. Start a timer when a patient shows up for an appointment, so that at any time, the user can see how long a patient's visit has taken so far, with a sub-time for each phase of the visit (reception, operatory, waiting, etc.). Elapsed time for each phase of the visit. Break the time down by location to know how long the patient is waiting in the waiting room, how long in the operatory, how long getting x-rays, etc. Show the physical location of the patient on the appointment block. Store the tracking and provide reports for scheduling analysis. Staff can use this information to help determine which ADA codes might need Time Units adjusted to help improve efficiency in scheduling production times. [1496 114703]
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  • Jul 9 2019
  • Future consideration
  • Jul 9, 2019

    Admin response

    We are currently researching this feature. Thank you so much for sharing the idea and comments.
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  • Karina Karina commented
    9 Jul 07:12pm

    How can we track patients that are always late. Another method to make the profile noticeable with out creating a flag pop up.

  • Erica Lewandowski commented
    15 Apr 08:32pm

    similar to dentech would be great .. only good thing about that software was the monitor lol

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan, 2023 08:41pm

    Any update? This is way past due. With all the updates lately I'm surprised this isn't done yet.

  • my tom commented
    8 Jul, 2022 08:41am

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  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2022 02:57pm

    I DEFINITELY regret choosing Dentrix. THIS IS A BASIC TOOL. I feel like Dentrix is pushed on providers by Schein before we are able to actually understand ALL of the limitations. I regret choosing dentrix. If anyone is reading this, CHOOSE ANOTHER PROGRAM!

  • Guest commented
    11 Jun, 2021 06:58pm

    Still waiting on this 2 years later :( I regret choosing dentrix sometimes.

  • Guest commented
    19 May, 2021 01:01pm

    This feature would be amazingly helpful! Being able to track time spent with provider would make productivity time more efficient per provider. It would allow for us to track hygiene and dr. time and utilize that for future appointments.

  • Guest commented
    7 Apr, 2021 05:19pm

    Any update on this idea being implemented?

  • Guest commented
    26 Oct, 2020 07:14pm


  • Guest commented
    24 Jul, 2020 03:04pm

    Agree, another option Open Dental offers that is nice. You are able to mark patient as "here" and then "seated" and it starts and stops the clock counter. And it has a "waiting room" on the side of the schedule that everyone can see that shows who is waiting and how long they have been waiting. If a patient who has been marked "here" was incorrectly marked seated, you can go into their appointment and take out the time and it restarts their clock. This is a very nice feature.

  • Guest commented
    7 Apr, 2020 02:15pm

    17 March 2020

    Our office has closely been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus in our
    state. We are now closing our office for the next 2 weeks at the
    recommendation of the American Dental Association. Once we are back in our
    office under normal office hours, we will contact you to reschedule your
    appointment. If you have a true dental emergency Dr. Crandall is available.
    Please contact our office to get the after-hour emergency contact number.

    Thank you,

    19735 Kunkleman Drive
    Cornelius, NC 28031
    The information in this transmission may contain confidential health
    information that is legally privileged. This information is intended only
    for the use of the individual or entity named above. The authorized
    recipient of this information is prohibited from disclosing this information
    to any other party unless required to do so by law or regulation and is
    required to destroy the information after its stated need has been
    fulfilled. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified
    that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or action taken in reliance on
    the contents of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you have
    received this information in error, please notify the sender immediately and
    permanently delete all information from this transmission from your files.

  • Guest commented
    7 Apr, 2020 02:13pm

    I agree however is this only for Dentrix or Dentrix Enterprise as well?

  • Guest commented
    7 Apr, 2020 02:10pm

    Yes, this would be great. Practice Works offers this feature and it's great.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    My suggestion to our office was to have a seperate color for "Seated" so we know who is in the chair and who is still "HERE" waiting in the lobby.
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    I like the idea of the indicator light when patients have been waiting a long time. We have entered our own color coding in the appointment status. HERE-Broken-Cnotes, etc; than we place a color. Go to Office Manager-Maintenance-Definitions-Appointment'll be able to add your own list in there...good luck! Lynn from The Valley Dentists in Hadley, MA
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    I was going to also suggest that when we mark that a patient has arrived that it automatically put a date stamp on that appointment. This way we know how long, if any, they have been waiting and how long they were in the chair. It would be good to know what time they were set complete as well. You then know exactly how long their appointment took. This would be helpful as some pts don't require as long for appts and some need more time.
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    I like this one. I am the appointment coordinator, I sit where patients in the waiting room can see me. I am the one who gets "the look" if they are not called back in a timely manor.
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    We use the same general procedure as Lynn Lavigne for this purpose. We have Pt Here as a status. We also have LMHR (Left Message Home Recorder), LMW (Left Message Work), Confirmed all with different colors so we can glance at the schedule to see what confirmation status is and whether pt is here or not. Works great!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    We use the same general procedure as Lynn Lavigne for this purpose. We have Pt Here as a status. We also have LMHR (Left Message Home Recorder), LMW (Left Message Work), Confirmed all with different colors so we can glance at the schedule to see what confirmation status is and whether pt is here or not. Works great!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:49am
    Rhonda, we use the status bars, you can customize them. We have seperate color for Firm (spoke with patient), Firm (confirmed via e-central), Left message with a person to confirm, Left message on recorder to confirm, Patient called and is running late, Patient arrived, Patient seated. Once the patient has exited the entire appt is grey'd out, so at a glance you can see everyone's status. Our clinic especially likes the running late status color, they can tell at a glance that the pt is on their way and has not failed their appt.
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