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Frequency updates/alerts should be attached to the LEDGER, not continuing care (which is our working recall list).

When we work the continuing care, the next recall contact is updated for the patient. This is not the same as the last date they were actually here as per the ledger (the system told the doctor a patient couldn't be scheduled bc of an appt in December - what was really on the continuing care was for the patient to be contacted in December if she hadn't yet scheduled bc we haven't seen her in over a year!!). The ledger and the continuing care are NOT the same thing. And there is no missing tooth clause for a cleaning appointment (lol- evidently, we're in for alot of "flashing" warnings for no reason). I guess there are bugs to be worked out with this insurance update, but we cannot use or depend upon it as is. :(

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  • Nov 23 2020
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    30 Nov, 2020 01:51pm

    Hi, Ashley. Thank you for responding. The appointment book did show an alert for a patient. It stated she couldn't be scheduled bc she already had a Dec 2020 appointment...which she didn't. So I was trying to figure out the SOURCE where the system picked up a Dec 2020 appointment that wasn't actually scheduled. I thought it was the continuing care, and when I looked at the patient, it did state she was due in Dec for a reminder, but not appointed. I noticed that a good deal of our continuing care is in error when it shows the last time the patient had a px, fmx, bwx, etc... Wouldn't the system need to go by the ledger date that the patient was here in order to keep this accurate? Sometimes, when I unarchive a patient to "nibble" at them, and I reinstate the recall, the "prior treatment" date of px is incorrect. So if this isn't picked up from the ledger, what source does the system use? I hope this is clearer.

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    Ashley Watkins commented
    26 Nov, 2020 05:21am

    Hello, thank you for the suggestion! The new frequency alerts should be showing in the appointment book, not the ledger. Could you please add some additional information? I may not fully be understanding your comment.

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    23 Nov, 2020 05:04pm

    Okay. I see where it can pick up the info from the "prior treatment" in the continuing care...but it's not doing that correctly either (that never changes, only the due date - we've never trusted it anyway and always ck'd the ledger for prior treatment history or called the insurance company to see what their records stated).