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Clinical Chart too slow to open

This has been a problem for many years since G2. We are at G7 and still have the same problem. Work around is minimize and never close out. Too many bells and whistles when we need a fast patient chart. How about an option to run the chart like Dentrix 11 where we have minimal options to customize. Would that make things faster? Why is this still a problem after 5 new generations of Dentrix.

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  • Aug 3 2020
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  • Nathan Javier commented
    1 Sep, 2021 07:30pm

    Clear your unscheduled appointment (includes Pinboarded appointment list. This slows the whole system down.

    In our office, we printed these lists, then deleted them all from the system. It is like a night and day difference in speed and our computers are even older. Currently runing G7 and Win10(updated) terminals, with 2 that's left on Win7(XP).

    We manually went through the printed list and scheduled patients back in.

    NOTE: Prior to this, a Tech optimized our terminals by opening ports, WIn10 does funny with the network. But that alone did not help much.

  • Dentist Anonymous commented
    23 Feb, 2021 02:07pm

    The chart lags opening new patient data. Especially when the front desk has the patient signing in and consent forms. Also to see what future work is being done, when someone is on the phone and time is very important, as it always is, however the awkward silence while on the phone is unacceptable.

  • Guest commented
    10 Aug, 2020 11:29am

    Interesting that you mention IOP. We have SSD's running the Dentrix Database and do not see any IOP issues or slowness on disk. However I see they use a Swap file like method to write temporary data, that file seems to stay around for the duration of the service start. It spikes and idles though out the process of running though modules.

    Taking network out of the problem the issues exist on the server itself. Meaning that loading Dentrix on the console of the server is even slow. CPU, Memory, and Disk are idle or bouncing around like a normal system, never any high IO anywhere.