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Allow the option to print a walk-out statement for an individual patient so other family members appointments are not listed.

In some situations, printing a walk-out statement with the family's appointments listed at the bottom could be a HIPAA violation (or at least seen as such by a patient). Consider these scenarios:

1) A wife has not given the office authorization to discuss her care with her husband.  Husband receives a walk-out statement with wife's appointment date and appointment description.

2) A patient who has only been seen as a minor under the dad's account has now turned 18 and calls to schedule an appointment in six months.  The office has no paperwork for him as an adult and no authorization to discuss care with dad, but in order to keep the patient linked with the historical chart, the appointment is scheduled under dad's account.  Before the patient's appointment, dad is seen and requests a walkout statement.  Dad sees adult child's appointment listed at the bottom of the walkout statement.  Dad is angry that we gave this information to him because his child is now an adult and responsible for his own account. 

There NEEDS to be an option to print the walkout for the individual patient.  Please do not tell us to print an Attending Doctor's Statement.  That form includes too much information, including an the potential to print an intact social security number as the insurance ID and does not print the future appointments. 

Thank you.

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  • Jan 30 2020
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  • Feb 28, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for the recommendation, we will review further and make consideration for a later update.

    Regarding the HIPAA concern, there is a documentation that we would like to share. you can review this by browsing to our knowledgebase. please see the link and article below.

    Article: 72897

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