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Allocating Credit Balance showing as production

 It does allow us to do this in a more simplified way verse old module. HOWEVER, it may save confusion for the patient by NOT itemizing on the billing statements, walkouts...etc.
This has made it MORE confusing on our reports which now are being inflated with PRODUCTION. Yes, we can do work around and run 62 different reports to get the REAL production, but WHY? If you can take it off the patients ledger and walkouts it needs to be the same for reporting.  This is a nightmare for accounting.  A credit is balanced by a debit and vice verses. This should not affect production. It can be another line item and be done.
These are transactions that are being allocated  from in the past, history.  If anything, it should have a separate reporting area. Separate from our current production. I have attached a picture of one more area it is affecting.  This will continue until we have all accounts allocated.  This will be fun trying to explain to a hygienist/Dr. getting paid on production.  

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  • Sep 18 2019
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