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Remove pop up on perio chart

Please remove, or at least have the option to turn off the feature, to remove bleeding points on opening new periodontal chart. It is helpful to have the previous complete chart open fully when opening the chart to see where the patient was at previously prior to charting the new exam. The pop up is additional time wasted on unnecessary features.

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  • Jan 11 2024
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  • Andy Trinh commented
    8 Feb 07:19pm

    This! Not only is it time that you have to spend every single time you open a perio chart, it's a worryingly easy way to delete unrecoverable data in a spot that's easy to click by accident. If you open the perio chart the same day as it was taken and then accidentally click "yes" instead of "no", the BPs can be completely lost. We had this issue for a patient where we needed the PC for a preauth, and now we don't have it at all.