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Automatically Calculate Filling Downgrades

We manually calculate an insurance downgrade for posterior composites. It would be nice to have the system do this for us. The only information needed is the fee's for the amalgam fillings and the fees for the composite fillings, along with the coverage percentage for composite fillings. All of these things are already present. But instead of the system recognizing that a D2391 downgraded to D2140 = 80% of the D2140, we have to manually override it in the payment table. It's too much work when the data is already in Dentrix.

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  • Jul 3 2023
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    19 Sep, 2023 09:12pm

    This would be wonderful. It's a computer and can pull the fees and recalculate far faster than any of us! I feel like, sometimes, Dentrix should just ease back on the bells and whistles and put "real-life" buttons in their software that actually help us to be more efficient. They do a good job, but some things are just not there. :)