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Awful Merged

Please remove the redundant claim status notes...All we need is "sent" along with the original claim # and the chc/nea #s recorded into the claim status note. That way, whenever the stupid, evil insurance needs an xray or document that they failed to read or trashed (more likely in my opinion), we can easily look and tell them to read the attachment that we already sent with the orignal claim (gee if I had the orig claim number and attachment # handy, that would be great. No, I have to go wade through reports to retrieve them). You've made it worse by making the create and batched unremovable. I don't even go there anymore and just keep everything in a handy organizer since I can do my job more efficiently without the technology. Come on!

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  • Apr 4 2023
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  • PB commented
    6 Apr, 2023 07:43pm

    The WHOLE claims process has gone downhill since this was changed.

    Take the stupid pre-selected note options off and give us back the empty box - we shouldn't have to save everything 50 times before we can move on to the next thing. (This includes the insurance benefits/coverage area too!)

    There isn't even just a "note" option in the note section - maybe what I have to say doesn't match ANY of the "status" options. Hate that they lock everything too. Weird and messy.

    AND bring back the "update payment table" check box - why should we have to input the amount twice? It was much quicker and streamlined the way it was.

    All these "updates" are making things worse.