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Need to add tooth number and quadrant to claims

I am running into a problem with multiple insurance companies when filing claims for procedures that require a tooth number like, D4342, D4211, D4261 and also the new frenectomy code D7961. I will send the claim with a tooth number and it get’s rejected because they want a quadrant. I send it with a quadrant and they want a tooth number. I even type the additional information in the Remarks for unusual Services box and it still gets rejected because it’s computers looking at them before an actual person does.

I’m Begging for Dentrix to find a way for us to be able to add both the tooth number AND quadrant to the claims! For now, I’m having to print the claim and write the information then mail it and we should be past that with the technology available now.

Please consider my request!

Thank You,

Shannon P.

Insurance Coordinator

Dentrix Customer ID 15568

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  • Oct 5 2022
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