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Kiosk Check-in/Mobile Check-in to Update Appointment book status

This would be useful to let the whole office staff know when the patient is here and checked in for their appointment by looking at the appointment status color change. The Benefit would be is when the front desk is away from their desk for a brief second or on an important phone call (with a patient or with Insurance verifying) the status is changed to the patient is "here" and all staff can see including the Dr. How it should work would be when the patient checks in on the kiosk, it will change the status in the Dentrix appointment book from "Confirmed" to "Here". (The old Kiosk program with Dentrix eService's did this), then once "checked in" the patient can proceed with any forms that need to be filled out.

  • Shalea Sharp
  • Sep 29 2022
  • Needs review
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