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When Setting D0210 Complete Software Should Also Reset Defaults for Bitewing X-Rays

We have Continuing Care defaults set up for Full Mouth X-rays (FMX) as well as bitewing x-rays (BWX). However, the FMX also includes BWX: the BWX CC-type always needs to be "co-incremented" whenever an FMX is taken. When setting up an appointment that includes an FMX, we have to rely on all the staff remembering to manually enter the BWX CC type into the appointment so that its CC type is correctly incremented along with the FMX. Is there some way of setting the software to do this automatically? In the Edit Continuing Care Type window, there can be a field where you can select another CC-type to increment along with the current one.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Jul 5 2022
  • Needs review
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