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Enable setting a Default Provider per Procedure (As in DMD for Periodic Exam)

I'm an RDH. When setting Hygiene appointment blocks as complete, I have to manually remember to switch the provider for the periodic exam from the RDH to the DMD. This is because all procedure codes in the block (Hygiene, Fluoride, etc.) are set to the RDH, which is correct, except in the case of the Periodic Exam which should be credited to the DMD. Having to switch this each and every appointment is not only tedious, but creates room for human error which can negatively impact numbers. It already messes up numbers regarding future productivity.

Please allow Dentrix users to set default providers for specific codes such that I can set the DMD as the default provider for Periodic Exams.

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  • Dec 14 2020
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  • Traci Mason commented
    1 Oct, 2022 01:04pm

    This was suggested 2 years ago and it’s still an issue.