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Insurance in Canada

What I find extremely frustrating is in Canada someone can work for the same company have the same group number as 4,000 other employees and have completely different insurance coverage then the next person with the SAME GROUP NUMBER.

For example my husband works for a bank and every year he is given a certain number of dollars that goes towards his insurance. We login to his plan that is administered by Alberta Blue Cross and we pick what he would like for the year. When we are done the dental plan is completely tailored to what we want for that year but the group number does not change. With Dentrix every time you change the Benefit Coverage Table you change it for everyone else with that group number . We can even pay in extra dollars one year to for example get extra orthodontic coverage for that year. How can we use the coverage tables when it changes it for everyone in that group number.

Can you please make the coverage tables different for each subscriber? We end up not using the coverage tables at all for anyone. I know this is a very common thing in Alberta and even our own insurance at the Dental Office gives us all the options to customize our own insurance to some degree for our families.

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  • Jun 2 2022
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  • Greg Lefty commented
    26 Sep, 2022 05:32pm

    I just called support on this same topic. I am in the US and we have the same issues with some insurance carriers using the same group # but different patients have different benefits.

    It would be great to have a way where there is another level in the hierarchy supported by Dentrix that would have Insurance company -> Group (#) -> Coverage Plan. The coverage plans could have names chosen by the office that would help us identify them when selecting an insurance company for a patient. Deductibles, maximums, exceptions, coverage and payment tables (in and out of network) would be part of a coverage plan, and should be able to be copied from another insurance company, group or coverage plan.