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Add Debit adjustment on dos

I have a situation where a dos was paid by GEHA insurance and it was processed on pt ledger. Turns out pt had another insurance as primary (Anthem) I was not able to open the dos and do a debit adjustment/insurance refund so that it reflected on the dos.

It also turns out the Primary (Anthem) paid the patient so I didn't get an eob/payment to be able to apply it on the dos.

When I print out the claim to what is now the secondary (GEHA) it reflects the original payment made by GEHA so the claim is not correct and does not reflect that a refund was made to GEHA.

When GEHA does pay as a secondary payer it will look like that dos has two payment from the same insurance. If someone does not go down the history a yr later they could miss the refund when looking at this dos.

Hope this makes sense

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  • Apr 28 2022
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