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Be able to merge duplicate patients in Dentrix Image Center

We recently had a conversion of out image from Apteryx to Dentrix Image Center. Many of the patients converted to a patient chart that did not match a Dentrix patient chart, usually due to a middle initial in the Apteryx chart. So Dentrix makes a duplicate image file. But there's no way to merge the patient image files. Need to add a "merge patients" for duplicate patient image charts.

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  • Feb 16 2022
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  • Jeremy Hamilton commented
    18 Oct, 2022 04:30am

    Absolutely agree. As a preliminary matter, it is very inappropriate to have the ability to delete information from a patient's record. Have it turned off, at most krunker. In addition, I acknowledge that there are situations when a hasty click results in the incorrect action. You should be asked to CONFIRM the deletion if there is no way to restore the data.

  • Guest commented
    10 May, 2022 04:37pm

    I agree 100%! It would be FANTASTIC if there were some way to merge duplicate patients. Even if it wasn't done in a way that affected the actual ledger balance, perhaps if you merged the patients, picked one to be the dominate chart? Then maybe the services on the non dominate chart could be woven into the dominate ledger and perhaps italicized or something to denote that it was done on the other ledger & isn't reflected in the current ledger's balance? This way, the services could be kept chronological. OR.... maybe some way to link the charts? So that maybe when something gets charted in one, it gets charted in another? Also, Once a name is given to a patient, they should be searchable, in some capacity, under that specific name. This would be helpful when people marry or divorce, etc. Dentrix slows down the more people you have in your database and if you have multiple duplicates when people get married, it's just cumbersome.