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Increase Text Character Limit

Demandforce you have been around for a long time. You would at least had figured out to increase the text character limit. I am not bashing, i am just expressing on opening your eyes. If you want your Customer to stay with you, I think you should take into consideration on lifting this 160 limit on text message. I know a percentage of your old clients left due to lack of features that can be provided to us. Take a look at your competition out there. If they are able to give us Unlimited Character and emoji and other cool features that can benefit our practices, why can't you. I know you have highly skill coders in your company that can get this implemented. Take the time to hear your clients and start moving the ball. Unsure what category to put this under, but hope this category helps. Thank for hearing me out :)

  • Kat L
  • Nov 16 2021
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  • Fred Perez commented
    24 Aug, 2023 10:15pm

    Now we can't add our office policy of charging a fee for failed appts. on the text. We lose money because our patient doesn't show up.

  • Shaun Simmons commented
    24 Feb, 2022 06:17pm

    I STONGLY echo the above.

    -If Dentrix is touting and advertising they are the best amongst the Dental Systems, why set a character limit that is from the 1990's? I see this is developer laziness!

    Create a GLOBAL attribute for character limit(s) and change thousands of lines of code. come on ... don't reinvent the wheel! Such a waste of corporate dollars!!

    The limitation has caused thousands of dollars of lost income!!! My patients are 90% Spanish...I cannot add a second line with the same text in Spanish. WEAVE AND LEGWORK ARE KICKING YOUR BUTT!!! Seriously???? I see many posts that Legwork can do RIGHT NOW!!! I switched from Legwork to Patient Engage thinking it was better, yet patient engage is still in BETA!!! ( based on the hundreds of posts that other companies do right now, probably years...