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Initial Buttons and having option to choose tooth #

We use the initial buttons everyday and would like to be able to add in a specific tooth number for specific procedure while in the initial quick box. I don't want to have to open Treatment planner, put in code, put in tooth #, add procedure then have to grab it from there. I feel like it could be done in less steps, quicker... easier.

Thank you

Hollywood (my nick name in the office)

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  • Aug 5 2021
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  • PB commented
    15 Sep, 2021 01:34am

    I had the same issue in the past!

    If you want, you can use the "Tx" button under the "Initial" button in the appointment box to add codes directly to it - you still have to pull the procedure from the code list (unless you use the same ones every day and have them memorized/a cheat sheet, then you can just type it in), but it skips having to pull up the chart and whatnot...