Dentrix Ideas

Patient year end refunds/checks sent out within Dentrix, i.e. linked bank account to generate year end refunds with the press of a few buttons.

This would allow every office to review their year end credit balances and resolve them within Dentrix by allowing a dedicated account (bank or credit card) to be linked to Dentrix which will allow the offices to send refunds via a cashiers check sent to the patient through certified USPS mail or another trackable deliverer. This would allow the offices to have records of the refund being sent and if the cashiers check is not cashed within a standard 180 day that money is automatically transferred from the dedicated account to whatever that offices state requires. (meaning the money may go back to the provider if unclaimed or into a state unclaimed assets fund where the patient can claim the funds from the state at any point after the standard 180 day expiration or whatever the specific state requires. As the funds are moved from the office account Dentrix should generate and automatic report that will show in the office manager and/or a new subset needs to be added to another dropdown option already in Dentrix so a report can be generated at anytime by the offices. (Office journal entries will also need to be made once the transactions are completed)

  • Raymond F.
  • Jun 30 2021
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