Dentrix Ideas

Every type of note (appt book, guarantor, patient, etc) or activity should be auto added to Journal and we should be able to assign tags to notes so we could filter better.

  1. It would be good if when an appt book, or guarantor, or ledger note is added, it was automatically entered into the journal, so that when a patient calls, I could see all the notes that have been added in chronological order. Or if any change was made to a person's record, like a document was added into doc center, or HH was changed. Every action should be recorded somewhere and it seems that the office journal would be best for that. Otherwise, right now, we are jumping from ledger, appt book, doc center, office journal, family file, HH, etc to track down possible recent activity

  2. Give us the ability to add multiple tags to any note, so that when we are trying to filter, we can see every note regarding a specific subject, and because often one conversation will cover multiple topics, it would be good to allow us to assign multiple tags to one note.

  • Diana Weissich
  • May 26 2021
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  • Karen Ward commented
    28 May, 2021 02:11pm

    I like this centralized notes idea!