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Planned Appointments

I have previously used Open Dental in another office and they have a feature called "planned appointments". How it works is you attach procedures and length of time needed in consecutive order of pt's next appts needed. This comes in handy when a pt needs to call back to schd once they've looked over their calendar or if they need to discuss finances with their spouse. When they call back to schd the front desk knows exactly what they're scheduling and for how long and can pull from the planned appts and drag and drop directly onto the schedule!

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  • May 19 2021
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    20 May, 2021 05:07pm

    You can use the treatment plan case setup from the chart module in Dentrix to do essentially this. Add the treatment needed to the case setup and when someone in the office goes to schedule the patient just select the TX button under reason on the appointment window to choose the treatment that needs to be scheduled. You still have to set the length of the appointment but this should make it a bit easier. Good luck!